About us

We want to be a great company

Though, what is a great company for us? For us, size does not matter, a great company is one in which we are proud to be part of.

We want our clients to
  • always receive the best possible service.
  • believe that our designs add value to their initial ideas.
  • appreciate our honesty.
We want our workers to
  • work in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.
  • grow
  • strike a good work and homelife balance.
  • receive fair wages for a valued contribution.
We want our partners to
  • share our values and feel part of Rodríguez-Losada
  • see how their work is valued as an essential part of our projects.
  • be fairly payed for their contribution.

… Y lo hacemos.

Pedro Rodríguez-Losada Pérez-Montero


Paula París Bajos


Daniela Caro Ballesteros


Carlos Bermudez Guzmán


Yanire Ortiz Díaz


Paloma García Rodríguez-Losada

Interior Designer

Diego Sedeño Jiménez

Technical Architect

Agustín Acosta Santos

Technical Architect

Pablo Galindo Gallardo

Technical Architect

Miguel Hernández Gutierrez


Pablo Ramírez Padilla